On Sept. 25, 2012, the new National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1917 Standard for Automotive Ambulances

was released. It applies to new ambulances contracted for purchase on or after Jan. 1, 2013. The standard is expected to replace the Federal KKK-A-1822 Ambulance Purchasing Guide (commonly referred to as the KKK) that’s anticipated to expire in October 2013. 
In response,we have just added the " Star of Lite" for ambulance applications. Ensure the safety of your department's team by adding these reflective decals in any pattern. Night or day these 3M Diamond Grade reflective are working to call attention to your rigs. These trademarked "Stars of Lite" are available in many colors, including the NFPA 1901 required colors.

Star of Lite trademarked 

   Introducing "Star of Lite" reflective

   specific to the ambulance industry. In blue and white,    
reflective decals add visibility up to 1,000
     Keep your staff safer, nite or day with the application
     of these  1" "Stars of Lite".

  Sold by the square foot, and pricing is based on

If your fire department also handles squad runs, we have these available in standard NFPA 1901 Reflevtive colors as well; 

Call for details   (419) 410 - 3936     9 Am - 7 Pm         Seven days a week

New installation of the trademarked "Stars of Lite"

Ambulance reflective   Ambulance reflective Stars of Lite
New AEV Ambulance delivered to Whitehouse Fire Department   Lucas County, Ohio
reflective for ambulances  reflective diamond plate ambulance
When installed these "Stars of Lite" greatly improve the visibility of your ambulance up to 1.000 feet. Easily installed
on diamond plate, new or already in service. Available in many colors, 3M diamond grade material cut with our trademarked

Ambulance squad reflective
 <<<<<<<<< Click this picture for our video of this 
                       new AEV ambulance

For more information please call, 7 days a week   9 am - 7 pm (419) 410 - 3936
Reserve squad added reflective to match the new AEV,     7/2014
Reflective for ambulances and squads Chevron reflective for ambulance diamond plate

Bloomville Township EMS - Bloomville,Ohio

NFPA 1901 Reflective chevrons ambulance ambulance chevrons nfpa 1901

KKK reflective for ambulances squads   
reflective for ambulance chevrons
This Horton ambulance had blue
 3m Scotchlite striping on the rear, we
 added our Stars of Lite made of 3m
 Diamond grade material.

  You can clearly see that the chevron  
  reflective greatly exceeds the old school
  Scotchlite stripes.

  A rather simple installation of 10 - 11
  square feet of our "Stars of Lite" in two
dramatically enhances the on
  scene visibility and safety,

When it come to the safety of your volunteer or career EMS - First Responder - Paramedics, can you have enough visibility?
NFPA 15.9.3* Reflective Striping.
Other Information regarding NFPA 1901 Reflective Striping:
FIREENGINEERING.com - NFPA 1901 Changes- Standards Reflective etc.
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