Our NFPA 1901 Reflective is made of 3M Diamond Grade reflective material. We also have " Star of Lite" for ambulance applications. These trademarked reflective are made to be applied to diamond plate on new or used emergency apparatus.
fire truck reflective striping fire truck reflective chevron striping reflective striping for fire trucks  Chevron reflective for grass trucks    
Brush Truck Before   

 reflective for brush trucks
Brush truck after  ^^^^ Click for video on YouTube^^^^^



For more information please call, 7 days a week   9 am - 7 pm (419) 410 - 3936

Just a simple red & white chevron pattern for this Wood County, Ohio department. They had just purchased new pumper, previous to the NFPA 2009 changes so it was flat NFPA minimum reflective.

As most smaller departments run both first responder and vehicle extrication, with some vehicles having a dual purpose.We feel it is essential to have a high profile along side the highway as well as in the field. Trademarked Traffik Lites offer this up to 1,000 feet!

An they do grab your attention in the daylight as well. Don't believe that all reflective for fire trucks is created equal!!!!
NFPA 1901 Reflective  Reflective for fir trucks 1901 NFPA NFPA 1901 reflective

NFPA reflective chevrons for fire trucks

For more information please call, 7 days a week   9 am - 7 pm (419) 410 - 3936

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