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Our NFPA 1901 Reflective is made of 3M Diamond Grade reflective material. Bring the visibility of your fire trucks up to the current NFPA 1901 requirements by installing these reflective Maltese crosses to your existing apparatus. With these 3M Diamond Grade
decals in a chevron pattern, your trucks will been seen up to 1,000 feet at night. 

Used fire engine pumper tanker reflective

www.NFPA1901REFLECTIVE.com just completed this project for our "sister" company www.deltatankers.com, this is a very special truck. The Hi Visibility green paint is Posey Township Indiana standard, and we added the 3M Diamond grade to the rear to make it even more safe on their mixed rural and highway responses.

Used 1998 Freightliner with new 2,800 gallon wetside tanker body. We installed 3M Diamond grade in blue and white in a chevron pattern.

This install exceeds the NFPA 1901 requirement of 50 % of the rear. As this is a 1998 chassis, this department chose their
colors to compliment the departments distinctive truck colors.

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Thank you Northwest Fire & Rescue, Williams County Ohio
Fire truck reflective stripes NFPA fire truck reflective tankers
Thank you to Virden Fire Protection District, IL for this installation. This is a used Sterling chassis repainted, with a new "wetside"
tanker tender body by Delta Tankers. Since this apparatus is "Pump & Roll" with 2,000 gallons of water,we opted to add more that the NFPA 1901 required 50 % reflective for fire trucks. As this is a 2002 chassis they were not required to install the chevron pattern.
This is an outstanding used fire tanker with new body!! [ X ] click here for video!!

 fire truck reflective chevrons nfpa1901 Reflective chevrons
NFPA 1901 Reflective chevrons on a 2001 Seagrave Custom chassis, with a new tank,pto pump and body from our sister company www.deltatankers.com.

Fire Truck Reflective Stripes 

This was a used 1993 KME Pumper from Indiana, re fitted with a 2,000 gallon wet-side fire tender body. They asked us to do something unique for this application of our trademarked Traffik Lites. So we added a red,white & blue patter in the shape of a Maltese cross on the inside of their custom cab doors. The Morris Twsp. Pa fire department really like this, and we did too!
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fire engine reflective

fire  truck reflective stripes
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