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The NFPA 1901 STANDARD FOR AUTOMOTIVE FIRE APPARATUS,2009 edition. This covers the requirement for reflective chevron striping on fire apparatus. The NFPA 1901 Standard For Automotive Fire Apparatus specifies the amount of reflective as well as the colors of retroreflective material to be used.

Our reflective Maltese crosses exceed the minimum NFPA 1901 standard for reflective and add a distinct look to any diamond plate applications.

 The information below is provided by the NFPA 1901 Standard For Automotive Fire Apparatus, quoting the 2009 edition.


We've had a request for a better clarification of exactly what the new NFPA 1901 standard states in regards to striping and lettering.  As part of our commitment to providing you with the quality service you deserve we have included the parts of the standard that pertain to graphics.  The NFPA 1901 section identification numbers precede each description for your convenience in locating these references to the actual document.  

14.1.6 Any door of the apparatus designed to allow persons to enter or exit the apparatus shall have at least 96in.2 (62,ooo mm2) of retroreflective material affixed to the inside of the door. A retroreflective strip(s) shall be affixed to at least 50 percent of the cab and body length on each side, excluding the pump panel areas, and at least 25 percent of the width of the front of the apparatus. The stripe or combination of stripes shall be a minimum of 4 in. (100 mm) in total width. The 4 in (100 mm) wide stripe or combination of stripes shall be permitted to be interrupted by abjects (i.e., receptacles, cracks between slats in roll up doors) provided the full stripe is seen as conspicuous when approaching the apparatus. A graphic design shell be permitted to replace all or part of the required striping material if the design or combination thereof covers at least the same perimeter length(s) required by At least 50 percent of the rear facing vertical surfaces, visible from the rear of the apparatus, excluding any pump panel areas not covered by a door, shall be equipped with retroreflective striping in a chevron pattern slopping downward and away from the centerline of the vehicle at an angle of 45 degrees. Each strip in the chevron shall be a single color alternating between red and either yellow, fluorescent yellow, or fluorescent yellow-green. Each strip shall be 6 in. (150 mm) in width. All retroreflective materials required by and shall conform to the requirements of the ASTM D 4956, Standard Specification for Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control, Section 6.1.1 for type I Sheeting. All retroreflective materials used to satisfy the requirements of that are colors not listed in ASTM D 4956, Section 6.1.1, shall have a minimum coefficient of retroreflection of 10 with observation angle of 0.2 degrees and entrance angle of -4 degrees. Fluorescent yellow and fluorescent yellow- green retroreflective materials used to meet the requirements of shall conform to the minimum requirements specified for yellow Type I Sheeting in ASTM D 4956, Section 6.1.1 Any printed or processed retroreflective film construction used to meet the requirements of and shall conform to the standards required of an integral colored film as specified in ASTM D 4956, Section 6.1.1.

19.18.11 Where the design of the aerial device incorporates a knuckle, the knuckle shall be as follows: (1) equipped with position lights or continuously illuminated by boom lights.  (2) Painted with reflective paint or provided with retroreflective striping All Stabilizers that protrude beyond the body of the apparatus shall be striped or painted with retroreflective material so as to indicate a hazard or obstruction


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